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Anne Halpin,
Somerset Wildlife Trust

Beccy is an extremely knowledgeable marine biologist with excellent experience of field surveys and biotope mapping on the Somerset Coast. She has a good understanding of local policy and has developed a network of contacts in Somerset and North Devon. She is passionate and dedicated and I have learnt a lot about marine conservation from her. I have found her easy to manage and always pleasant to work with.

Sarah Howells,
formerly of North Devon Gazette

I had the pleasure of working with Beccy for years while I was at the North Devon Gazette and she was Lundy warden. Beccy wrote a monthly 'Letter From Lundy' for the paper, which was an insight into island life. The letter was also delivered on time and packed with interesting knowledge. She made even the most scientific terms easy-to-understand, and had a vast knowledge of all the marine and bird life on the island. She was always an expert we could turn to and a pleasure to work with.

Neil Garrick-Maidment,
The Seahorse Trust

Beccy is a highly motivated and driven person who is very focused on her work. She devotes a great deal of of time into background research, which allows her to give her best and allows her to speak and advise with confidence because she knows what shes is talking about. Being well organised Beccy can utiise her time very efficiently which allows her to get the best results from her research, her work and out of her work colleagues. Having work extensively with Beccy I could not recommend her higher and look forward to working with her for many years.

Geoffrey McCarthy,
formerly of Marwell Wildlife

A thorough and passionate individual in all areas of her work in science communication for both GCSE and A-level students. Always approachable in her manner working with her colleagues and was happy to discuss areas of support.

Steve Mewes,
Somerset Wildlife Trust

Beccy has a wide and deep knowledge of the marine environment from policy to advocacy to the underlying science. She is a huge asset to any organisation committed to protecting this vital habitat.

Jan Whittington,
Coastwise North Devon

On 10th October 2019 Beccy gave an extremely interesting talk to Coastwise North Devon about Seahorses. Before the talk began we knew very little about Seahorses. The talk started off really well with Beccy's enthusiasm showing through! She kept us all rivetted throughout the hour and at the end we felt we could have carried on, it was so interesting. We just wish these delightful little animals would live in our waters in North Devon, they don't as far as we know.

Beccy is a confident, enthusiastic speaker who knew her subject extremely well. We look forward to asking her back again to speak on another equally interesting subject.

Mark Ward,

Somerset's Brilliant Coast Manager, Somerset Wildlife Trust


Beccy has recently led several training days for the Somerset Wildlife Trust to equip local volunteers with the skills needed to carry out Shoresearch surveys (part of a nationwide citizen science project run by Wildlife Trusts throughout the UK). Beccy was recently involved in leading on the revision of the ShoreSearch survey methodology and resources, so her expertise in intertidal ecology and taxonomy, her clear explanations and her  interactive, 'hands on' delivery approach was perfect for working with participants with a range of previous experience from complete beginners to local experts.

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