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I'm passionate about enthusing others to interact and engage with their environment. They hold the power to conserve and protect our world, and to positively engage them we must use effective learning strategies. As I've worked in both formal and environmental education, with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, I have a strong toolkit that I can use to ensure any educational and engagement project is a success.

As a Marine Biologist, my first love is the marine world however throughout my career I've had to apply my expertise to also conserving terrestrial and historic environments. I strongly believe in applying an holistic approach to conservation management in order to achieve an effective conservation strategy. Having personal experience in conservation management means that I am able deliver plans that are both engaging for stakeholders and realistic.

My open-minded approach to any project I engage with, provides me with the opportunity to advocate innovative ways to deliver measurable outcomes. Whether it is the production of plans for conservation management, audience development, interpretation and access, or creating a Citizen Science programmes, developing field work methodologies or forming educational resources, I am able to develop the most appropriate and successful strategy.

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